2016 OACES Chip Seal Workshop

Despite some difficult travel weather, more than 95 participants attended the workshop held December 7 in Salem. Seventeen Oregon counties, five Washington State cites and counties, with Spokane County being a key presenter, as well as representatives from the Oregon Department of Transportation and two Bureau of Land Management districts, were represented. Many Chipseal techniques and practices were shared and additional new toolsfor the tool box were introduced. Sealing technologies and techniques were discussed including Full Depth Reclamation from Morrow County and Scrub Seals performed in Linn County. The “Rock Table” provided samples of rock and sizes used in road maintenance as well as the ability to physically see the various quality and vendors Counties are securing their product from.

The next workshop is planned for 2019 but presentations and information from this and previous workshops are always available at the MORE website.

 Click here to see presentations from this workshop, photographs and links to information.

Don Newell discusses Chip Seal survey results

Dave Zillman reviewing the chemistry of oils

John Vial on Traffic Control and Workzone Safety

Carl Rhoten and Chad Helvey – Jackson County
Chip Seal Preparation Treatments

Jonathan Holden, Spokane County Washington
Overview of their general chip seal program

Kevin Hamilton — Linn County
Scrub Seals using Pass Max oil

Kevin Hamilton — Linn County
Scrub Seals using Pass Max oil

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