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AOC’s professional policy staff monitors policy development, legislation and regulation at all levels of government.  AOC advocates on behalf of Oregon counties at the Oregon Legislature, state agencies, the governor’s office, Congress, federal agencies and the White House. AOC works closely with the National Association of Counties (NACo) on issues of federal concern.

However, AOC policy managers rely heavily on the credibility and ability of locally elected county commissioners and judges to impact public policy that affects county government in Oregon. In that regard, AOC policy managers encourage elected commissioners and judges to advocate with their elected representatives and senators in the Legislature and Congress. AOC policy managers provide commissioners and judges with research on issues of concern and help commissioners and judges with appointments to talk with legislators and Members of Congress.

An important function in advocacy is understanding the legislative process – how an idea or concept becomes a bill and how a bill becomes law. The Oregon Legislature has a web page dedicated to explaining the process and AOC policy managers and communication staff urge all elected and appointed officials in county government to read and study the page. It can be found by clicking here.

NACo also encourages locally elected officials to participate at the national level, by communicating with Members of Congress and officers in the executive branch of the U.S. Government. NACo has published a toolkit on effective lobbying for the 2015 August recess.

AOC conducts training sessions from time to time to help elected and appointed county officials understand the advocacy process and that includes training on effectively testifying before a legislative committee and meeting with a legislator or Member of Congress and their staffs. AOC policy and communication staff research and generate straight forward, factual information on the important issues facing Oregon counties that can be used to inform and enlighten legislators and Members of Congress. Please contact the AOC communications office for more detailed information on specific issue areas.

2015 August Toolkit