Transportation and Growth Management

The Transportation and Growth Management Program has posted a list of grant applications received for the 2018 cycle. The list and all applications can be found at: The applications are currently under review. Award [...]

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New White House Release on Infrastructure

Dear Transportation Steering Committee, Following the State of the Union Address, the White House released the following "fact sheet" (A White House term used to disseminate information from their website) expanding some of the statements [...]

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Transportation and Community Development Committee Update – January 8

The AOC Transportation and Community Development Committee held an action-packed meeting on Monday, January 8th, with about 50 in attendance. Members discussed and acted on several important topics during their time in Salem. The centerpiece of the [...]

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Transportation Update – July 3

House Bill (HB) 2017-10 moved out of the Joint Committee on Transportation & Modernization (JCTPM) on Saturday, July 1.  Here are changes relating to counties: The program duration is seven years.  The Maintenance & Preservation [...]

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Oregon Public Transportation Plan Outreach – Summer 2017

The Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) will conduct Oregon Public Transportation Plan (OPTP) outreach from May until September 2017. The OPTP will provide a vision and policy foundation to guide public transportation investment decisions by [...]