Community and Economic Development Update – Week of June 30

We are entering the final week of the Legislative session!  After working a full Saturday the House adjourned till Wednesday, allowing members to head home for the holiday weekend.  The Senate, however, will reconvene on Monday morning. Oregon’s Constitutional Sine Die is July 10. There are still a handful of major bills pending, include many of which are reflected below.

Senate Bill (SB) 867 – Maritime Workforce  

The Joint Ways and Means Education Subcommittee held a public hearing and work session for SB 867, which creates a Task Force on Maritime Sector Workforce Development. AOC will provide staff support for the Task Force, which sunsets in 2018. Representative Brock Smith and Senator Roblan spoke in support of their bill. The Committee also heard supportive testimony from Lincoln County Commissioner Doug Hunt, as well as individuals with experience with maritime programs in Astoria, Tillamook and Scappoose.

ACTION: The Senate passed SB 867 unanimously and is awaiting final consideration in the House.

Senate Bill (SB) 333 – Oregon Industrial Site Readiness Program  

Requires the Oregon Business Development Department to consult with Employment Department and Department of Revenue in establishing and administering Oregon Industrial Site Readiness Program.

ACTION: The House passed SB 333 with 55 YES votes and 5 members excused. The bill now heads to the Governor for her final signature.

 House Bill (HB) 3206 – Rural Tech Tax Credits

HB 3206 creates a 12 percent tax credit for taxpayer located in qualifying county (Klamath) for a business that establishes and implements an employee training program in collaboration with a local community college.

ACTION: The House passed HB 3206 with 58 YES votes, 1 NO vote (Greenlick) and 1 member excused.

House Bill (HB) 2012A – Eastern Oregon Border Economic Development Act

A Public Hearing and Work Session was held in the Subcommittee on Transportation and Economic Development on HB 2012A which would establish the Eastern Oregon Border Economic Development Region and the Eastern Oregon Border Economic Development Board. The bill would establish a fund to be used to support the board and economic development activities in the border region, and would initially dedicate $10 million to the fund. Representative Bentz spoke to his bill and acknowledged that the impetus for the bill was the Speakers visit to Eastern Oregon where she saw firsthand the challenges the area faces bordering Idaho. The funds could be used for road improvements and $7-$8 million in water treatment needs. The committee developed by the bill would make final recommendations for the use of the funds.

ACTION: The Joint Ways and Means Committee unanimously passed HB 2012 and sent the bill to the House Floor.

 Senate Bill (SB) 256 – Willamette Falls Locks Commission  

SB 256 establishes the 23-member Willamette Falls Locks Commission to advise state, local and regional government agencies on the Willamette Falls Locks. The bill appropriates $190,000 General Fund in the 2017-19 biennium to Higher Education Coordinating Commissioner (HECC), which will be distributed in the form of Special Payments to Oregon Solutions at Portland State University (PSU). Of that amount, $50,000 is designated for contracting costs with the Department of Justice, for legal services provided to the commission; the remaining $140,000 is designated to PSU for staffing and other resource related costs. Oregon Solutions anticipates travel, meeting expenses and labor costs from the following positions: Senior Facilitator, Lead Facilitator, Project Associate and a Program Director.

ACTION: The Joint Ways and Means Committee unanimously passed SB 256. Bill is now awaiting consideration on the Senate Floor.

Contributed by: Amanda Dalton | AOC Consultant


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