Interested in speaking at an educational event for the Association of Oregon Counties?

AOC hosts educational programs throughout the year for which we encourage our members and partners to contribute content. We are always seeking new ideas, solutions, and innovations to leverage opportunities and overcome challenges that confront county leaders. For each event, our goal is to create a balanced program that consistently meets the needs of our membership. In order to provide the best content for our members, we are accepting ongoing proposals that we will evaluate on a rolling basis.

The primary target audience for educational content is county officials and staff.

In person educational events include:

  • AOC Annual Conference (November) – proposals due by June 30

Online educational opportunities include:

  • Webinars
  • Live streaming
  • Podcasts

AOC welcomes submissions from counties, affiliate/associate members, and private and non-profit partners.

The Call for Proposal Form will be used on a rolling basis for any of AOC’s educational programs. As a speaker, you have the opportunity to submit multiple topic ideas for multiple events. Once you fill out the form, you will be automatically notified that AOC has received your proposal. You are able to submit as many proposals as you wish. If your topic ideas has been selected or is in review, AOC staff will reach out to you regarding next steps. Please note, you may not hear from us immediately.

Once AOC receives your proposal, it will be stored in a submission database. Depending on the time of year, the review and selection process will vary. In order to receive optimum consideration for your proposal, we recommend the following:

  • Ensure that each proposal is complete, accurate and clear.
    Ensure that the county is current with the issues and topics that affect county leaders.
  • Ensure that the content provides innovative ideas and solutions.
  • Provide clear and specific content that is linked to at least three learning objectives that show real-world applications.
  • For panel or multiple speaker sessions, please ensure that you provide a balanced perspective to include diverse viewpoints, backgrounds, organizations, and partners.
  • Submissions will be kept on file for a year. AOC may choose to utilize your topic presented, or in a modified manner at any of our in-person or online educational events.

AOC uses workshops and pre-conferences at educational events as a platform for research, innovation, and to share best practices. Each event has its own criteria for speaker remuneration, and if selected, you will receive more information regarding speaker remuneration criteria. Nonetheless, we value our members and partner’s contribution to the field of county leadership.

The AOC Executive Committee, Membership Committee, and staff will periodically review submitted ideas. You will be notified on the status of our decision within two months of the event/educational opportunity.