Federal Land Management Subcommittee

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The Forest Management Subcommittee was established in 1999 as a voluntary program, focused on addressing select federal forest management issues, approved by the Public Lands & Natural Resources Committee and AOC Board of Directors.

Issues that affect the availability of national forest receipts for county roads, as well as resource policies affecting the long-term vitality of forest ecosystems and  forest-dependent communities are long-standing interests of the Subcommittee.

The Federal Lands Subcommittee was formed with the adoption of the current by-laws in 2017.

Its dues are based on relative National Forest receipts or substituted Secure Rural Schools Act revenue.

In recent years, the Subcommittee has primarily operated as the Oregon counties’ spearhead on issues related to extension of federal forest payments and more active and productive management of federal forestlands, which benefit the 31 national forest counties.

The Sub-Committee is supportive of the proposal introduced by Senators Wyden and Crapo (Forest Management & Rural Stability Act) in 2018.


Commissioner Tim Freeman, Douglas County, O&C Counties Association (AOCC) representative

Commissioner Donnie Boyd, Klamath County,  Eastern Oregon Counties Association (EOCA) representative

Commissioner John Sweet, Coos County, AOC Natural Resources Steering Committee representative

AOC Staff:
Susan Morgan, legislative manager


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April 4, 2017: Discussion Summary (summary of discussion of the tri-chairs about strategic direction of the sub-committee)