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Forest Management Subcommittee

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The Forest Management Subcommittee was established in 1999 as a voluntary program. The subcommittee focuses on addressing select forest management issues, approved by the Public Lands & Natural Resources Committee and AOC Board of Directors, which affect the availability of national forest receipts for county roads, as well as resource policies affecting the long-term vitality of forest ecosystems and forest-dependent communities.

The Forest Management Subcommittee has its own governing body selected from regions and includes as Chairs the Public Lands & Natural Resources Committee co-chair(s) and the President of the O&C Counties Association. Its dues are based on relative National Forest receipts or substituted Secure Rural Schools Act revenue.

A new feature of the Subcommittee is adoption on February 1, 2016, of bylaws, which call for an annual meeting (the first of which will be held at the 2016 AOC Annual Conference) and election at the annual meeting of the six district members of the Board of Directors by the counties represented by each district.

In recent years, the Subcommittee has primarily operated as the Oregon counties’ spearhead on issues related to extension of federal forest payments and more active and productive management of federal forestlands, which benefit the 31 national forest and 18 O&C counties. The work plan for 2017 continues the direction of implementing AOC Resolution 2012-L2 (September 10, 2012) to the Oregon congressional delegation thanking them for their successful reauthorization of federal forest payments, but asking them to seek another extension (“bridge funding”) only if it will be part of a broader long-term solution to federal forest management.


Commissioner Tim Freeman, Douglas County

Commissioner Simon Hare, Josephine County

Commissioner Susan Roberts, Wallowa County

AOC Staff:
Susan Morgan, policy manager

Meeting Materials

April 4, 2017: Discussion Summary (summary of discussion of the tri-chairs about strategic direction of the sub-committee)