Legislative Updates Shared at Monday, February 12th Meeting

Highlights of Health and Human Services (HHS) and Veterans 2018 Session Bills and Committee Updates


SB 1540: Abuse Investigations and Reporting; risk of new costs for community mental health programs that may have to perform more investigations. AOC position neutral.

SB 1549:  Medicaid enrollment continuation up to 12 months for people admitted to Oregon State Hospital; working through possible amendments. AOC position support. 

SB 1555:  Use of Marijuana revenue for Mental Health treatment; ongoing policy question about size of portion of new revenue proceeds that will go to mental health and addictions treatment and prevention. AOC position neutral.

HB 4143:  Opiate Task Force Bill; four pilot counties in bill include Coos, Jackson, Marion and Multnomah. AOC position support. 

Other AOCMHP Updates

  • Recent Mental Health America report didn’t accurately portray Oregon’s excellent ranking on access; overreliance on prevalence data.
  • Sent W&M Human Services Subcommittee co-chairs a letter advocating for both background check unit resources and retaining intellectual and developmental services eligibility resources.
  • Recent Letter to Congressman Walden regarding need for continued funding for Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic (CCBHC) demonstration project.
  • County financial assistance update—connection to USDOJ Oregon Performance Plan consultant report. More discussion in March.


HB 4110: Marijuana special events with free samples – CLHO position opposed unless amended; HHS Committee recommends AOC opposition

HB 4133: Maternal Mortality and Morbidity Review Commission – CLHO position support

HB 4143 : Opiate Task Force bill – CLHO position support


HJR 201: AOC Special Operations Committee voted to support at meeting on Monday, February 5, 2018. Currently, the Oregon Constitution does not allow municipalities (counties, cities, towns or other municipal corporations) to issue general obligation bonds for housing purposes. This bill proposes an amendment to the Oregon Constitution, to be voted on by the public, to allow municipal corporations to use bonded indebtedness to finance capital costs of affordable housing. Under the language, the municipality has discretion to define “affordable housing” for purposes of a bond measure.  

HB 4010 (AOC supports based on Committee Principles): Establishes Task Force on Addressing Racial Disparities in Home Ownership.

HB 4134 (AOC supports based on Committee Principles): Provides specific procedure for petitioning for removal of personally discriminatory restrictions from title of real property. 


HB 4038 (AOC supports based on Committee Principles) : The “Omnibus Vets Bill” for 2018. Directs Director of Veterans’ Affairs to study progress of establishment of Roseburg Oregon Veterans’ Home;  Prohibits sale or destruction of military medals and decoration and permits delivery of  of military medals and decorations to certain custodians by Department of State Lands; directs Director of Veterans’ Affairs to identify potential sites for veterans’ cemeteries. Establishes program to provide outreach and assistance to incarcerated veterans.

HB 4040 (AOC supports based on Committee Principles) : Directs Oregon Military Department to establish program to award scholarships to certain persons who have served in military. Up to $2,500 for each veteran.

HB 4098 (AOC supports based on Committee Principles) : Directs Department of Veterans’ Affairs to develop written material regarding apprenticeship opportunities and provide material to certain agencies, county veterans’ service officers and veterans’ organizations for distribution to veterans and training.

SB 1548 (AOC supports based on Committee Principles) : Establishes statewide PTSD Day on June 27th.

Contributed by: Andy Smith | AOC Policy Manager