With the passage of Keep Oregon Moving (HB 2017), the Oregon Legislature made a significant investment in transportation, both statewide and in local communities. A major discussion that occurred during negotiations of the transportation package was the need to ensure transparency, accountability, and for performance standards to be met. 

Counties and cities were mandated in the bill to complete accountability reports on the condition of paved, federal-aid roads that it owns. Federal-aid roads are those that serve businesses and commerce and exclude roads that are primarily used for local trips. Counties and cities also report on the condition of bridges in the National Bridge Inventory, which are bridges longer than 20 feet and open to the public for motor vehicle traffic. February 1, 2019 marked the first milestone in reporting. All 277 counties and cities in Oregon completed and submitted their reports by the first deadline. Reports are required each odd numbered year, the next is due February 21, 2019.

A summary of the reports received is available on the Transparency, Accountability and Performance website under City and County Pavement and Bridge Condition.

With the local governments submitting data as required by Keep Oregon Moving,  the state has compiled a comprehensive view of the condition of Oregon’s roads and bridges. 

Over time, as additional data is delivered, the state can assess investments made through Keep Oregon Moving and their impact on the state transportation system.

Contributed by: Megan Chuinard | Public Affairs Associate