Klamath, Curry Counties to be ‘Sister Communities’

Klamath County commissioners have approved a resolution beginning the process to partner with Curry County in the event of natural and man-made disasters.

Approved Tuesday, the resolution declares the two counties as sister communities with the goal of providing mutual aid during disaster responses. Specific agreements detailing each county’s role are expected to follow.

Klamath County Emergency Manager Morgan Lindsay said the two counties were selected in part because they are some distance away from each other and less likely to be impacted by the same disaster. She said Klamath and Curry counties are the second pair to enter into such an agreement under state law defining such partnerships since Tillamook and Umatilla counties did so last year.

Commissioner Tom Mallams said he liked the intent of the agreement, which would not obligate each county to help during a disaster but rather define the means by which aid can be offered if available. He said the agreements would allow each county to protect its citizens and interests in an emergency without mandating resources elsewhere.

“Klamath County will serve Klamath County first,” said Mallams.

Commissioner Jim Bellet thanked Lindsey and Public Works Director Stan Strickland for working on the mutual aid agreements as such efforts have continued for more than a year.

“Everybody in Curry County thinks this is a good idea and I think we do too,” said Bellet.

Curry County commissioners will consider a similar resolution during their regular meeting Wednesday morning.

By: STEPHEN FLOYD | H&N Staff Reporter

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