Legislators Talk Transportation

The “Fantastic Four” honored the Transportation Steering Committee with their presence at the April 11, 2016 meeting.

Senator Lee Beyer, Senator Betsy Johnson, Representative Caddy McKeown, and Representative Cliff Bentz, half of the Gang of Eight created by Governor Brown to develop a transportation package in 2015 and dubbed the Fantastic Four by Commissioner Mark Labhart, provided the group their thoughts on a package for 2017. Karmen Fore of the Governor’s Office was also in attendance and shared her thoughts.

Rep. Cliff Bentz

Terrific discussions were held on a potential package for next session and the impact the following issues may have on that package: the Low Carbon Fuel Standards passed in 2015; Initiative Petition (IP) 28, the corporate income tax measure; potential cap and trade legislation; the Governor’s Transportation Vision Panel forum results; and the ODOT management audit.

Takeaways included — 
Three goals of a new package must include:
  • Preserve and maintain the investments that have been made in our statewide transportation system;
  • Focus on the economy by ensuring necessary investments are made to keep goods and services moving;
  • Improve transit options for all areas of the state, not just large metropolitan areas.

Any package will need the agreement of three key constituencies: AAA, truckers, and the environmental community.

County commissioners and judges must frequently contact their legislators sharing their support for a package via telephone, e-mail, or in person.

The Governor will be proposing a transportation package in 2017. Although there are no specifics yet on who will be included in developing the package, “the table is being pulled together in short order” according to Karmen Fore.

Rep. Caddy McKeown

Sen. Lee Beyer

The transportation steering committee greatly appreciated the insight of our legislators and the frank discussions that ensued.

Following this meeting, our guests stayed to share their thoughts with the AOC Legislative Committee.

Karmen Foe

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