The Association of Oregon Counties (AOC) is a 20-member staff of professional employees with broad duties and skill-sets. Each team member has a fascinating story, and unique attributes that help make AOC the success it is today. Here is an opportunity to meet a member of your AOC team.

Meet AOC Executive Assistant, Sara Gamaney

AOC was pleased to have Sara Gamaney join the AOC family in January of 2018. In her role as executive assistant, Sara supports the management team and the board of directors. Members often find her emails in their inbox with committee updates and important information related to finance, reports, and other documents pertinent to the organization.

Her duties also encompass administrative support for County Solutions and Oregon Coastal Zone Management (OCZMA). 

Prior to working at AOC, Sara worked in the private sector for 18 years. She held several positions that brought her a wealth of experience and expertise in customer service and personnel, inventory, and logistics management. 

Sara attended University of Oregon and majored in international studies.

AOC Operations Department

Sara’s position is housed in the operations department of AOC. Operations serves as the heart of AOC, providing services that make the organization run, including: fiscal services, human resources, IT, payroll/benefits, administrative support, risk management, and procurement.

Why Sara Loves AOC

“My first day at AOC was the January 2018 AOC Day. I was told by everyone it would be a chaotic madhouse. However, coming from managing the only grocery store in a small, rural town, I felt right at home. Coming to AOC has opened up a new world where I am constantly challenged and excited by the different projects we take on, but able to still maintain a personal life. I will be forever thankful to have found a position where the work I support shapes the community around me.”

Why Sara Enjoys Her Work at AOC

Sara’s colleagues can attest, she exemplifies the collaborative efforts the organization strives for in all she does. Teamwork is her mantra. Simply put, “I like to support,” she says when asked why she enjoys her work with the organization.

Outside of AOC

Sara has a beautiful singing voice, and has often been found singing at local venues in Eugene. She enjoys spending time with friends and family and resides in Albany.

Contributed by: Megan Chuinard | Public Affairs Associate