County Members

AOC membership is an investment in your county’s future because the association works to ensure that counties have the resources, skills, and support needed to successfully lead their communities into the future. Your county membership with AOC saves you and your county time and money and helps you grow professionally.

Programs and Services – AOC offers your county unique opportunities to help your residents, your employees, and your county meet the needs of the future.

Advocacy – The AOC policy team represents you and your county in Salem, and speaks with one voice representing the interests of Oregon’s 36 counties and their residents.

Networking, education and personal development – AOC helps you better serve your county by providing opportunities to learn and grow through conferences, webinars, workshops, and other networking opportunities.

Communications, research materials,  and publications – The AOC communications team allows you to stay current about essential information, provides information about counties, and shares sample ordinances and model county programs.

AOC is the only association that represents county government in Oregon.

Membership in AOC is open to all Oregon county governments. Currently, all 36 counties are members. Dues are assessed on an annual basis. Elected county commissioners and county judges represent their respective counties as voting members.

For more information on county membership, contact: Mckenzie Farrell, Member Services and Communications Manager

AOC affiliate members are statewide associations where the voting membership is primarily composed of elected county officials other than commissioners and judges, or where the voting membership is primarily composed by professionals who have significant administrative responsibility and authority in an Oregon county.

Associate organizations of AOC are statewide associations whose voting membership consists primarily of Oregon county department directors who serve at the pleasure of a board of county commissioners, a county court or a county administrative officer.

Business partner members of AOC are interested in fostering critical and growing relationships with government. Members receive various marketing benefits and interact with government to improve understanding of the challenges each face.