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ECDLogo_Master_3100pxThe Association of Oregon Counties in its continued partnership with the National Association of Counties and their Financial Services Corporation is pleased to endorse eConnectDirect® as an essential solution for members to manage their fixed-income investment needs.

This proprietary tool, developed by Multi-Bank Securities, Inc. (MBS), gives county treasurers visibility to thousands of fixed-income offerings in a market with little transparency. It arms investors with the necessary tools and confidence to select and transact with the fixed-income marketplace.

While eConnectDirect® allows customers to be self-sufficient, the service also allows them to work with licensed MBS account executives in a dynamic way – working side-by-side with clients on fixed-income investment decisions they wish to make or to answer any questions clients have.

eConnectDirect® offers access the following investment products:

  • U.S. agencies
  • Treasuries
  • Certificates of Deposit
  • Municipal Bonds
  • Corporate Bonds
  • New Issue and Secondary Bonds

Additional features of the platform include:

  • Quick and easy search and filter tools to allow for effortless navigation across multiple fixed-income markets
  • One-step market view via maturity ladder
  • “Request a Quote” – allows for bid/offer requests for any fixed income product with a CUSIP
  • Maturity alerts along with other customizable notifications
  • Certificate of Deposit insurance scrub
  • Consolidated position management tools and reports
  • Third-Party Research
  • Access to historical financial data for banks and credit unions
  • Customer support by a licensed securities representative
  • Free safekeeping/custodial solution

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For more information on online investing, click here to view the public funds investor guide. This free, online resource guide provides an abundance of information to help guide investment decisions.

For information about how your county can participate in the eConnectDirect® program, contact:

John Coban
Senior Vice President

Click here for an eConnectDirect® video demo

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