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Chip Sealing Operation in Marion County

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Eclipse 2017

The Oregon Department of Transportation preparation checklist Expect delays. Traffic backups are inevitable. Preparation ensures a good time for visitors and residents alike. Expect traffic changes. Normal travel paths may be disrupted. Communities may [...]

2017 OACES Spring Conference

More than 80 Road Officials, Engineers, Surveyors and Life Members of OACES attended the 2017 Spring OACES Conference in Clackamas County. This event brought together many of the County Public Works staff [...]

2016 OACES Chip Seal Workshop

Despite some difficult travel weather, more than 95 participants attended the workshop held December 7 in Salem. Seventeen Oregon counties, five Washington State cites and counties, with Spokane County being a key presenter, as well as [...]

2014 County Road Needs Study

The objective of the County Road Needs Study is to determine and demonstrate the funding needed to maintain and manage the county road system to meet the needs of the traveling public over the next [...]