2017 Transportation Package

The 2017 Legislative Session was historic for transportation in Oregon. The bipartisan passage of HB 2017, the largest transportation funding bill in Oregon history, was undoubtedly the signature moment of this year’s session and the product of several years of challenging work. Coming into the session, transportation was identified as one of the top two priorities for both the Governor and legislature, along with a $1.4 billion hole in the state budget. The Joint Committee on Transportation Preservation and Modernization (JCTPM), which toured the state throughout 2016, was kept intact and quickly set to work on developing a comprehensive transportation funding bill. The JCTPM also operated in a much more transparent fashion than prior transportation package efforts, with five workgroups meeting in the evenings with all stakeholder groups invited to contribute to the process. The five workgroups focused on maintenance and preservation, freight mobility and congestion, public transit and safety, multimodal transportation, and accountability.

While the process produced its share of the usual speedbumps, the bill that ultimately passed is a multi-faceted approach to improving Oregon’s transportation system and includes several new funding sources that should, in particular, immensely improve transit service around the state. The bill will also provide over $1 billion in new funding to counties to help address their extensive maintenance and preservation needs. Though the bill was scaled down late in the session by removing an innovative local match component for large congestion-relief projects, the end result is still far and away the most innovative and comprehensive transportation bill in Oregon history.

Click here for full details of the Transportation Package and elements contained in it. (Information begins on Page 58)

Information on the Process for HB 2017 Section 11 Reporting –Pavement and Bridge Conditions can be found here

A brief guide to for City and County Bridge and Pavement Condition reporting from ODOT can be viewed here

Current County Federal Aid roads (needed for HB 2017 Reporting) available here. This updated list is from August 2018.

For current local government information on HB 2017 and funding, click on the Keep Oregon Moving link for Oregon Department of Transportation updates

Road Priorities PowerPoint Template

  • A PowerPoint template for our commissioners and others to use in communicating about county roads and funding constraints.

Draft Transportation Package Resolution

  • An AOC draft of a sample resolution for Oregon Counties to express support for a 2017 Transportation Funding Package
The Joint Committee on Transportation Preservation and Modernization will be meeting around the state this summer to discuss needs and priorities for a transportation package in the 2017 session. In addition to holding public meetings, the Joint Committee may meet with Area Commission on Transportation (ACT) members and/or take a tour of local projects Those possible opportunities are included in the meeting list link below. Regardless of whether or not you are an ACT member, the Joint Committee will want to hear from you and local business leaders. Be prepared to answer these questions:

  • How big of a transportation package can you support?
  • What would your county do with additional
    funds from a package?
  • How do you ensure your transportation funds
    are spent efficiently?

Click here to see the full committee and the Summer meeting schedule and locations.