Oregon County Solutions Center

The Oregon County Solutions Center (County Solutions) provides support for county commissioners and judges in convening and participating in collaborative problem solving efforts in their communities and regions. Effectively supporting commissioners and their staff requires building the capacity to be responsive when issues or opportunities arise.

Community based initiatives provide excellent opportunities for commissioners to use their convening authority to provide leadership for local collaborative action. The new local workforce regions and integrated place-based water planning are two current examples where county commissioners and judges are actively guiding collaborative processes. The Oregon County Solutions Center will provide assistance and support to commissioners who wish to seize opportunities and solve problems collaboratively.

AOC Contacts: Greg Wolf, director, County Solutions Center | Andy Smith, deputy director, County Solutions Center


County Solutions has supported a variety of projects since 2015. Below is a sample of the center’s work.

Maritime Workforce Task Force

A legislatively created Task Force , chaired by Lincoln County Commissioner Doug Hunt.

Oregon Coast Trail

Work with the Oregon Coast Trail supports three commissioners  – Melissa Cribbins from Coos County, Doug Hunt from Lincoln County, and Bill Baertline from Tillamook County in convening community based stakeholder groups in completing the Oregon Coast Trail from the Washington to California border.

Project Turnkey

The CARES Act Coronavirus Relief Funds (CRF) offers a unique opportunity for the State of Oregon to partner with county and city governments to create non-congregate shelter needed during the COVID crisis and to make significant progress in addressing long-term housing needs. County Solutions is activly working with stakeholders to encourage the State to purchase financially distressed hotels and motels, which are in good physical condition and available for voluntary sale, for non-congregate shelter now and then convert them into permanent individual housing units for Oregonians experiencing homelessness after the crisis passes.

To learn more about the Project Turnkey proposal, click here. 

Sudden Oak Death

The County Solutions Center is supporting the Sudden Oak Death Task Force on the South Coast.

Tide Gates

County Solutions is supporting commissioners Margret Magruder from Columbia County, David Yamamoto from Tillamook County, Kaety Jacobson from Lincoln County, and John Sweet from Coos County in convening landowners and agencies in addressing failing tide gates.