Transportation and Growth Management News

The Transportation and Growth Management (TGM) Program has posted a list of grant applications received for the 2017 cycle. The list and all applications can be found here.

The applications are currently under review. Award letters will be mailed at the end of August, 2017.

Background on TGM

TGM Grants help local communities plan for streets and land use in a way that leads to more livable, economically vital, and sustainable communities and that increases opportunities for transit, walking and bicycling. TGM awards two types of grants:

  • Category 1 (PDF): Transportation System Planning, including TSP updates, to give Oregonians a range of transportation choices and meet requirements of the Oregon Transportation Planning Rule
  • Category 2 (PDF): Integrated Land Use & Transportation Planning, to promote compact, mixed-use development supported by improved pedestrian, bicycle, transit, and multi-modal street facilities

TGM has funded over 700 grant projects. See the list of completed and active projects through 2016 (PDF).

TGM awards grants on an annual basis. Applications are due in June and awards are made in August. All projects have a two-year period from award to completion. See the Grant Award Timeline for more information.

Contributed by: Mark Nystrom | AOC Energy, Environment & Land Use Policy Manager

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