House Bills 2744 and 2768 remained in the House Economic Development and Trade Committee to die. The committee ignored the request of several stakeholders to refer the bills to the House Revenue Committee without recommendation. Modest local transient lodging tax improvement bills, HB 2744 would have broadened the definition of “tourism-related facility” to include improvements to real property with substantial purpose of supporting, promoting, or accommodating tourism. HB 2768 would have expanded the definition of “tourism promotion” to include beautification projects, and constructing or improving sidewalks, benches, parking facilities, or restrooms.

HB 3260, already referred to the House Revenue Committee and thus outside the deadline, is still alive. The bill would authorize a coastal county to refer to voters a local option transient lodging tax on residential short-term vacation rentals of up to five percent.

Contributed by: Gil Riddell | AOC Policy Director