A bill to help counties boost public safety efforts passed the House committee on revenue, Thursday. The bill, House Bill 2449 A increases the rate of the 9-1-1 tax to $1.00 per month of service and per retail transaction in the bill’s first operative year, and $1.25 per month in second operative year. It also reduces administrative allocations of the tax revenues. For the last 24 years, the tax has remained stagnant at 75 cents, resulting in significant reductions to budgets in other programs and services for Oregon counties and cities as the costs of providing services have skyrocketed.

Committee Chair, Nancy Nathanson (D-Eugene) remarked on the bill, “I am very pleased to support this bill today to provide additional revenue to help dealing with the increase in call volume, costs, and upgrades. The Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) play an obvious and key role in public safety throughout the state.”

Representative Nathanson also noted a workgroup will be formed in the interim to address issues around PSAPs. Issues the workgroup will be exp