On January 30, four state legislators, plus three legislative staff, joined AOC for a one-day intensive tour of mental health programs across Oregon counties. Departing from Clackamas at 7:30 a.m., the group first stopped in The Dalles where they were hosted by Barb Seatter with Mid-Columbia Center for Living and Commissioner Karen Joplin. From there they traveled to Heppner to visit Lakeview Heights and Kimberly Lindsay of Community Solutions; Commissioners Jim Doherty and Melissa Lindsay met with the group over lunch. Returning to Clackamas around 5:15, the day concluded with a tour of the Clackamas County’s Centerstone Clinic with Mary Rumbaugh and Commissioner Paul Savas.

The tour provided a great opportunity to showcase a variety of services in counties of different size. In The Dalles, visitors were able to witness a Parent-Child Intervention Therapy (PCIT) session. They were impressed by the homey feel of Lakeview Heights, the eight-bed acute care step-down facility in Heppner. Both stops provided a marked difference to the urban, strip mall setting of Clackamas County’s urgent mental health care clinic.

Legislative attendees included: Senator Steiner Hayward; Representatives Barker, Malstrom, and Meek; as well as Lisa Herzog from President Courtney’s office, Kristina Narayan from Speaker K