Taxes & Revenue

Budget Discussion:  The “provider tax” passed out of the House June 15. As drafted, the package will raise $550 million+ with additional federal matching funds and goes a long way towards preventing cuts to the state’s Medicaid program (and the $1.4 billion gap). The House also passed out a $2.2 billion Oregon Health Authority budget which represents the first major general fund budget to pass the House.  The $8.2 billion K-12 state school fund budget is awaiting a vote on the House floor.  We do not anticipate the Oregon Department of Human Services/Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD) budget to be discussed in the sub-committee until late June.

 House Bill (HB) 2830 – “Revenue Reform and Education Sustainability Act” / Gross-Receipts Commercial Activity Tax

The Joint Tax Reform Committee held public hearings this week on the latest tax proposal, introduced by Senator Hass and Speaker Kotek.  The bill would require a three-fifths approval – at least one Republican in Senate & House. At this time, the votes are not there to support passage.

-3 Amendments (introduced 6/15):