Trees, Curry County - by BLM via Flickr (https:/
Trees in Curry County, photo by Bureau of Land Management

Curry County Commissioner David Brock Smith spent much of last week in Salem with the Oregon Emergency Board — and has returned with a pledge from the state for $250,000 to fight the steady march of Sudden Oak Death here.

The money is for the new state Sudden Oak Death (SOD) Task Force, which will convene soon to plan an attack to keep the pathogen at bay — or preferably eradicate it from the county altogether.

SOD has reached epidemic proportions in Curry County and if left unchecked, could ultimately hit the financially hard-strapped county with even worse economic woes for growers — from trees to cranberries — unable to ship their product out of the area.

About $100,000 would be dedicated to the Oregon Department of Forestry for treatment within the quarantine area, Smith said. Another $100,000 will be dedicated to a