The proposed 2015-17 Land Conservation and Development Commission (LCDC or commission) Policy Agenda was presented at the July 23-24 meeting in Burns, Oregon. The commission began the discussion at the July meeting and will reach a final decision on a policy agenda at the September 24-25, 2015, meeting.

The proposed policy agenda seeks to establish the near-term direction and policy projects pursued by DLCD staff during the 2015-17 biennium. Long term projects and policy items are addressed in the DLCD Strategic Plan. The public and stakeholders are invited to participate in the discussion prior to and at the September meeting, and are welcome to submit comments and suggestions for the policy agenda.

DLCD is actively soliciting public/stakeholder comment until August 21, 2015. Comments received by this deadline will be considered for inclusion in the revised policy agenda presented at the September meeting. Comments received after that date will not have the benefit of being considered in the final policy agenda recommendation brought before the commission in September.

At both the July and September meetings, this item is a public hearing. DLCD staff will review all public comments delivered or received on this draft recommendation for inclusion in the final recommendation in September.

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AOC Policy Manager Mark Nystrom deals with Energy, Environment and Land Use issues.