On Wednesday, March 22nd the second work group considering the issues of tiny houses and small, mobile houses was held in the capitol. Hosted by Representative Janelle Bynum and Representative Greg Barretto, the group is attempting to resolve two issues: what to do with tiny houses that are designed with lofts and ladders and what to do with tiny houses that are built on chassis. The State of Oregon Building Codes Division offered a compromise of sorts: allowing local jurisdictions the right to permit buildings with lofts and ladders. If a local jurisdiction were to do this, they would be liable if there was an accident due to the design. The tiny home advocates and local jurisdictions in the room seemed to prefer a state-wide solution. The second question, mobile tiny homes, seemed be even more challenging. While everyone agreed that the buildings should be built to the residential code, it was unclear how some codes would be met. Advocates urged for a state-wide solution so that they could begin to compete in this growing business sector.

Contributed by: Mark Nystrom | AOC Energy, Environment and Land Use policy manager