On Monday, March 13th HB 3032 received a public hearing and Yamhill County Commissioner Primozich and Columbia County Transportation Director Michael Ray testified in favor. HB 3032 fixes a technical problem that has made it impossible for entities without a tax liability to transfer a tax credit. Counties, cities, the military, school districts and others are impacted by this problem. AOC and others are working with the House Revenue Committee to get a work session scheduled.

On Tuesday, March 14th two of the housing bills that AOC has introduced had a public hearing. HB 2937 and HB 2938 deal with accessory dwelling units and RVs on rural lands. Marion County Commissioner Cameron testified in favor. There was some testimony in opposition and AOC is working with other stakeholders on amendments. AOC is working with the House Human Services and Housing Committee to schedule a work session.

On Wednesday, March 15th AOC staff attended a workgroup to discuss issues regarding the building code requirements of tiny homes. Two issues seem to need to be fixed: what to do with tiny homes that are on wheels/chassis and whether tiny home lofts can be accessed by ladders rather than standard staircases. There will be a second meeting on Wednesday, March 22nd and some legislative proposals are expected.

This week the Natural Resources Subcommittee of Ways and Means will be hearing testimony on the Department of State Lands budget.

Contributed by: Mark Nystrom | AOC Energy, Environment, and Land Use Policy Manager