Building code and other government officials in Oregon have a chance to positively influence the national building code process to make it easier to use advanced wood products, but they’ll have to act quickly.

Most readers have probably heard about cross laminated timber (CLT) and the push to see more buildings constructed using CLT and other advanced wood products. More than two dozen such buildings have gone up or are currently planned or under construction here, making Oregon the national epicenter for these innovative structures.

Recognizing that advanced wood products carry compelling benefits both environmentally and economically, Oregon has been investing significantly in supporting development of an advanced wood products manufacturing industry here and those efforts are paying off.

We are now approaching a critical juncture in the advancement of these efforts. Proposed amendments to the International Building Code will be voted on this year by eligible members of the International Code Council. Oregon counties and other jurisdictions in the state have an opportunity to significantly impact the outcome of that vote and in doing so, help benefit the state’s local economies, particularly in rural areas.

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