SB 235 & 998 – Tobacco Retail Licensure (TRL)
There are two TRL bills alive in the Senate. Senate Bill (SB) 235 is the original bill, drafted based on multiple workgroup meetings between counties, the Oregon Coalition of Local Health Officials (CLHO), and the Oregon Health Authority (OHA). This bill would create one statewide license through the Department of Revenue, with counties able to pass local ordinances on top of the statewide qualifications. Fees would vary across counties based on the cost for enforcement in each jurisdiction. SB 998 is a more recent bill that would create a statewide tobacco retail registry (as opposed to a license), run through the Department of Revenue. The fee would be set at $25 across the state. The bill grandfathers in existing local TRL programs, but would preempt any future work. Beyond that, it preempts local governments from passing any ordinances regulating tobacco products or inhalant delivery systems or the retail thereof. This is an incredibly far-reaching preemption that causes AOC to strongly oppose the bill. Both bills are scheduled for a work session on April 18.

AOC is neutral on SB 235 and opposes SB 998.

SB 307 – Social Consumption of Cannabis
Senator Ferr