Senate Bill (SB) 235, which was originally a tobacco retail licensure (TRL) bill, continues through the process. The bill was “gut and stuffed” in the Senate Health Care Committee to simply put in statute a definition of “enclosed space” under the Indoor Clean Air Act (ICAA). However, now in the House Health Care Committee, there are attempts to add back language to create a statewide TRL program that would still allow local governments to either have their own licensing program, or to establish requirements for retailers in their area that would be conditional requirements for the state to issue a license to a retailer in that county. AOC and others testified in favor of amendment language that does not preclude counties’ ability to establish local requirements for retailers on May 15. The bill is scheduled for a work session on May 22.

SB 307 would allow for social consumption of cannabis. AOC has been involved in a workgroup convened by Senator Ferrioli on this bill. The original bill allowed for both temporary events with cannabis and fixed locations for social consumption. Following the workgroup, -1 amendments were introduced. These amendments would limit social consumption to “loun