Senate Bill (SB) 235, which was originally a tobacco retail licensure (TRL) bill, continues through the process. The bill was “gut and stuffed” in the Senate Health Care Committee to simply put in statute a definition of “enclosed space” under the Indoor Clean Air Act (ICAA). Additional amendments were introduced in the House Health Care Committee that would have added back language for a statewide TRL program. Rather than adopting the amendments, however, the committee moved the bill to Ways & Means for further discussion of the amendments there.

 Senate Bill (SB) 307, which would allow for social consumption of cannabis is now on the -3 amendments. These amendments were an attempt to help address concerns of the public health community; however, AOC and others remain opposed to the bill. There are a number of remaining regulatory questions that the -3 do nothing to address. The bill will have a third public hearing the week of May 29, but is not yet scheduled for a work session.