The Association of Oregon Counties (AOC) is a 20-member staff of professional employees with broad duties and skill-sets. Each team member has unique attributes that help make AOC the success it is today. Here is an opportunity to meet a member of your AOC team.

Meet AOC Legislative Affairs Manager, Susan Morgan

Susan Morgan is no stranger to the public policy arena. In December of 2016, after 18-years in local elected government, Susan joined the AOC family. Susan brought a wealth of experience and unique perspective to the team, having served 10 years in the Oregon State Legislature, eight years as a Douglas County Commissioner, working in the private sector in the timber industry and property development, and having been highly engaged in AOC’s policy process.

In her role as a legislative affairs manager, Susan is on the front line, working with legislators, agency heads, the governor’s office, and partners to advance policy on behalf of Oregon’s 36 counties. Well respected in the Capitol, among colleagues and agencies, Susan works collaboratively with stakeholders to find and develop policy solutions for natural resource and revenue policy. Susan’s deep roots in the government, and particularly in the legislative process have helped h