Join the 33 counties and nearly 50 leaders from across Oregon already benefiting from the effectiveness of the National Association of Counties (NACo) High Performance Leadership Academy, the 12-week, online leadership program led by General Colin Powell.

Here is what some county commissions, judges, chairs, and county employees are saying about the academy:

  • “I can say hands-down it was the best leadership training I’ve ever experienced. Want to know Gen. Colin Powell’s 13 keys to leadership? He tells you. Want to know how to communicate and negotiate? He offers his secrets. Want to know how to best manage people? He drops stories that will give you confidence. And it’s not just him. Executives from across the country are invited in as coaches, too. It’s an incredible cast of experts.”
  • “In my over 30 years in leadership positions, this course has been the most beneficial use of my time as it relates to leadership training.  The peer-to-peer breakout group model, along with the quality training materials throughout the week were what I appreciated most.”
  • “I found this course to be highly inspirational. It’s not like other training where you learn something completely new. This course is more like reinforcement and reinvigoration that encourages you to build on skills and philosophy that you probably already have. This class provides a “good to great” opportunity!”
  • “This course helped open my eyes to what a leader is. I find myself wanting to do better in my current role, build better relationships, and communicate better with the departments.”
  • “This academy has impacted my life immensely. I wish I had the opportunity to take it 20 years ago.  I have learned so much about leading people and implementing changes.  Dr. Marshall Goldsmith’s recommendation to measure is a game changer for me. General Powell’s Thirteen Rules are as well. Truly great leaders are few and far between.”

NACo members have a 100 percent scholarship from NACo to use in their county. If more than one person enrolls in the county, the NACo Leadership Academy will extend significant discounts to them too. The NACo Leadership Academy believes in you, your leadership and the leadership of county employees. The NACo Leadership Academy will make existing leaders better and emerging (next generation) leaders ready.

Counties can still receive up to a 100 percent NACo scholarship (a $1995 value).

The NACo Leadership Academy invites counties to enroll at least one leader into the courses that begin in September and January. Please help us invest in county frontline leaders who are making great sacrifices to serve our communities.

Click here to enroll, or contact Ben Graves.

Contributed by: Ben Graves | NACo Professional Leadership Academy