Written by Jim Redden
April 05 2016
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traffic on I5, file photo Portland Tribune

Portland Tribune File Photo

Multnomah County mostly exists to provide social services and affordable housing to low-income residents.

Washington County thinks of itself largely as an economic development agency trying to create good-paying jobs.

And Clackamas County wants to be like Washington County, but needs the region to help it create more employment land.

At least those are among the most apparent takeaways from the three State of the County speeches given by the chairs of each county this year. Such speeches are an annual ritual where the chairs talk about their hopes for their counties in the coming year. They tend to touch on many but not all county government activities, reflecting the priorities of the chairs and, presumably, a majority of their commissioners.

Multnomah County Chair Deborah Kafoury delivered her speech on March 18. She mentioned problems facing low-income Multnomah County residents on practically every page of her prepared text.