Picture of Souther Oregon Marijauna PlantAOC Legal Counsel Rob Bovett has created a new web page for new and updated AOC publications relating to marijuana:  http://oregoncounties.org/news/publications/marijuana/

Of particular note is “2016 Oregon Marijuana Laws.” Counsel Bovett created that publication for use by AOC members and affiliates because Oregon Revised Statues (ORS) won’t get published again until January 2018, and the 2016 Oregon legislature made substantial changes to Oregon laws related to marijuana.


2016 Oregon Marijuana Laws (selected)
(PDF) (139 pages) (1mb) (last updated April 5, 2016)

Index/Summary of 2016 Oregon Marijuana Legislation
(PDF) (3 pages) (82kb) (last updated April 5, 2016)

Regulation of Marijuana in Oregon (history, laws, rules, local issues)
PowerPoint (PDF) (154 slides) (6mb) (last updated April 6, 2016)

New Oregon Marijuana Offenses (effective March 3, 2016)
* Booklet (PDF) (12 page booklet) (121kb) (last updated March 16, 2016)
* PowerPoint (PDF) (33 slides) (1mb) (last updated March 16, 2016)