Senate Bill (SB) 5026, the Oregon Health Authority budget bill, passed the Senate on June 21. The budget allocates $5 million in new funds for Public Health Modernization. However, there is a $3.6 million reduction to Public Health from the Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement fund. There is also an additional $20 million dedicated to mental health from additional tobacco tax revenues. For these funds, priorities include $10-$15 million for mobile crisis services and rental assistance with peer support. Other investment priorities include school-based access to behavioral health and the implementation of the Suicide Prevention and Intervention Plan. A total of $2.5 million will be used for veterans’ behavioral health services. Additionally, the budget includes a budget note with the following directive:

“The Oregon Health Authority shall work with coordinated care organizations, County Mental Health Programs, local Public Health, local mental health authorities, and others, within each geographic area, to create a single plan of shared accountability for behavioral health system coordination that builds on existing structures and partnerships and fosters further innovation and collaboration with other organiz