Do you have more questions than answers about the Janus v. AFSCME ruling?  This year’s LGPI Conference on October 2 will feature a panel discussion on the impact of the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision on relations between Oregon local governments and the unions representing their workforces.  Three panelists –  AFSCME Associate Director Joe Baessler, LGPI Labor Attorney Pierre Robert,  and LOC Lobbyist Scott Winkels –  will review the decision and its impacts.  Topics will include employee consent for dues deductions, rebargaining dues deduction agreements with your unions and more.


Each year, the LGPI Conference helps local government officials make informed decisions in today’s complex public sector. Here is some more of what’s in store:

  • Recent Court Decisions for Public Employers presented by Paula Barran;
  • ERB’s Annual update on their most significant, recent rulings;
  • Legislative changes that impact labor and HR; and
  • Oregon Solutions – The Future of LGPI.