As we prepare to support a $30 million budget ask during the 2017 legislative session, the Public Health Advisory Board is beginning to consider funding formula options for modernization. The Funding and Incentives Subcommittee has been meeting for some time, but brought three potential formulas that they are considering to the most recent full PHAB meeting.

Each formula under consideration includes a base payment to counties; under two options the payment would be equal across all counties and in the third it would be tiered by county size. And in all three formulas the remaining funds are spread across health indicators with consideration given to county population. The subcommittee is also discussing a pilot project for incentive funds beginning in 2019.

To see the funding formula options currently under consideration, see pages 13-17 of the meeting materials found here.

The subcommittee next meets on November 8th from 1-3pm in Portland.

Contributed by: Stacy Michaelson | AOC Health & Human Services Policy Manager