AOC Legislative Director Mike Eliason introduced the process for establishing priorities for the upcoming session of the Oregon Legislature at Monday’s AOC Legislative Committee meeting.  Mr. Eliason said these priorities were worked out and formalized in AOC Steering Committees. AOC Policy Managers presented the actual priorities. The Legislative Committee edited several of the priorities.  

Mr. Eliason explained that the process will now shift to sending the amended and edited priorities to AOC members for their review. AOC members will be asked to comment on the priorities and that will enable AOC’s policy staff to further refine them with the goal of putting them into a document that can be used when the session starts. Mr. Eliason noted that with all good plans there has to be the reminder that they could change based on what develops during the session and, that, while AOC would like to be as proactive as possible with proposed and pending legislation, sometimes counties have to adopt defensive tactics.