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An unbiased, third-party report definitively shows that the Oregon City economy is significantly and positively affected by being the Clackamas County seat.

Specifically, the new analysis details how county facilities’ location within the city limits of Oregon City:

  • Strongly impacts the city’s employment levels.
  • Generates an influx of spending from non-city residents.
  • Provides economic stability during times of economic downturn.

Clackamas County directly employs 454 Oregon City residents. Those jobs support another 132 jobs within the city. This combined economic impact “exceeds $58 million in economic output in the city.”

Findings also show that the spending of the remaining county workforce who commute into the city support an additional 103 jobs. It is estimated that those non-residents spend more than $29.7 million annually within Oregon City.

The report, written last month, was researched and produced by the Northwest Economic Research Center, which is based within the Portland State University College of Urban and Public Affairs. The center utilized an industry-standard economic model to analyze a wide variety of available data.

The Economic Impact of Oregon City’s County Seat Status features a handy one-page executive summary and one-page conclusion.

“This report unequivocally shows that Oregon City reaps great economic rewards, with no real significant downsides, from being the county seat,” stated Clackamas County Chair John Ludlow. “My hope is that those interested in the benefits of being the county seat will acknowledge the same.”

The analysis also addresses potential costs to Oregon City of having the county’s “large administrative presence” within city limits. The executive summary of the report states that:

“While the aggregate physical footprint of public entities comes a