Revenue discussions are continuing to evolve in the Legislature. Committees are taking up several revenue related topics simultaneously. Generally, the largest discussion surrounding revenue is taking place in the Joint Committee on Student Success. The goal of this committee will be to raise near $2 billion in new revenue (per biennium) to be dedicated to pre-K-12 education. Last week, the full committee reviewed policy work subcommittees developed over the last month. Three tax options were presented from the Subcommittee on Revenue, including a: Business Activities Tax (BAT)/ Value Added Tax (VAT); Commercial Activities Tax (CAT); and changes to the current corporate tax. Subcommittee on Revenue Co-chairs are aiming to get a bill to the full committee by early April.

Following the presentation to the full Joint Committee on Student Success, Senate Revenue Chair Mark Hass and Nancy Nathanson, his counterpart in the House, and Oregon Business & Industry (OBI) have engaged in