The Regional Solutions Program – consisting of advisory committees, Governor’s coordinators, and interagency state teams – provides a one-stop shop for communities throughout the state. Eleven Regional Solutions teams support community and economic development to help attract and expand business and industry, create good jobs, and improve the economy. They bring the right people to the table and coordinate state action to solve problems and streamline government. These state agency teams help integrate and align permitting requirements, remove barriers to business retention and expansion, and quickly respond to issues that address community and economic development priorities in the region.

One of the tools used by Regional Solutions to support economic and community development is the Regional Infrastructure Fund. The Regional Infrastructure Fund provides grants and loans to local governments for Regional Solutions projects. The Oregon Business Development Department administers the fund.

During the 2017 Legislative Session, the Legislature authorized the issuance of lottery bonds to produce $4 million in net proceeds for the Regional Infrastructure Fund.

A Request for Information (RFI) is being distributed to better understand the capital project needs that support job retention and creation in each of the economic regions in Oregon.

Deadline to submit information is October 31, 2017​