The IRIS StreetWise Pavement Management System is a simplified system designed to be used by counties with limited resources. StreetWise provides the ability to perform two types of inspections. Visual distress inspection can be completed using 5 types of surface distress. From these distresses, StreetWise will calculate a surface rating for the road segment. StreetWise also provides a simple inspection option that allows the inspector to rate the road segment using a 1 through 5 measurement.


ADT by Surface TypeInspection Unit FormManagement Section Summary with ADTSurface Rating By Year
Applied Maintenance TreatmentsInspection Unit HistoryManagement Sections Due For InspectionsSurface Type - Summary of Miles
Current Surface RatingInspection Unit History Detail ReportMileage of Surface Type by Functional ClassSurface Type - Total Miles by Type and Condition Summary
Functional Classification (County) Total Miles by ClassJurisdiction - Total Miles of Roads WithinMiles Paved-Unpaved by County Functional ClassSurface Type Mileage by Jurisdiction
Functional Classification (Federal) Total Miles by ClassMaintenance Treatment Cost HistoryMiles of Paved-Unpaved Roads by County Functional ClassSurface Type Miles By Road
Functional Classification (Federal) - Total Miles by Jurisdiction/RoadManagement Section InspectionsNetwork Summary StatisticsSurface Type Miles by Road Detail
Inspection Entry ReportManagement Section ReportRoad Replacement Cost ReportGravel Roads With ADT > 200
Inspection HistoryManagement Section SummarySurface Rating