AOC, along with other lobbyists and legislators, have been waiting this week for release of the -4 amendments to House Bill (HB) 2017, the transportation bill.

As of Thursday (6/22) the -4 amendments have not been released.

On Tuesday, we began to hear about discussions that were taking place to bring down the cost of the package to deal with concerns of the truckers, AAA, auto dealers and fuel suppliers. On Wednesday, a proposal surfaced that resulted from discussions with the Joint Committee on Transportation Preservation and Modernization (JCTMP) chairs and vice-chairs, the Governor’s office and the four lobby groups.

The proposal shortens the life of the program to end in 2024. Fuel tax from 2018-2024 increases 4-1-2-1-2-1-1. Registration fee increases are $15 in 2018 and $5 in 2020. Title fee increases $12 in 2018 and $12 in 2020. The ability for Congestion Relief Districts to implement gas tax or registration fee increases as outlined in the -3 amendments are gone. This will change the time line for congestion relief projects.

The payroll tax to fund transit, and a privilege tax on adult bikes at three percent are still in place.

This proposal is currently being drafted. It will be the -10 amendment. Topics of amendments five -9 include clean fuels and the contracting bill (HB 3203).

Still under discussion for the -10 amendments is maintaining a new vehicle privilege tax at