Thanks go to Clackamas County Chair Jim Bernard, Lane County Commissioner Sid Leiken, Polk County Commissioner Craig Pope, Malheur County Judge Dan Joyce, and Jackson County Public Works Director John Vial for ably representing Oregon’s counties at the June 6 meeting of the Joint Committee on Transportation Preservation & Modernization (JCTPM). The JCTPM meeting saw two hours of invited testimony on House Bill (HB) 2017-3, the first public comments received on the comprehensive 298-page draft. More testimony followed on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, including thoughts from current AOC President Bill Hall, who noted the need to continue progress on the Newberg-Dundee Bypass project.

County testimony centered on the increase in maintenance and preservation funding and the positive difference that will make in maintaining roads and bridges in the county road system. The increase in funding, coupled with the 10-year duration of the program, gives counties much needed certainty that maintenance needs can be addressed in a comprehensive and systematic way.

The proposal that was negotiated by road officials helping high road mile/low registration counties is included in the proposed bill, and received staunch support during the testimony. As you know, the counties’ 30 percent share of maintenance and preservation revenue is distributed based on vehicle registr