Upcoming Training

There’s still space available in the following classes. To enroll, follow the link for each listing. To schedule one of these free classes at your facility, call us at 503-986-2855.

Date Class Time Location Status To Enroll
1/25 Defensive Driving 1300-1700 White City OPEN Contact T2
1/26 Defensive Driving 800-1200 White City OPEN Contact T2
1/31 Public Agency Work Zone Traffic Control (flagging) 800-1200 Gold Beach OPEN Contact T2
2/1 Drug and Alcohol for CDL Holders 800-1200 Coquille? OPEN Contact T2
2/2 Emergency Bridge Assessment 900-1100 Klamath Falls OPEN Contact T2
2/7 HazMat Refresher 730-930 Hillsboro TBD Contact T2
2/7 HazMat Refresher 100-1200 Hillsboro TBD Contact T2
2/7 HazMat Refresher 1330-1530 Hillsboro TBD Contact T2
2/9 Public Agency Work Zone Traffic Control (flagging) 800-1200 Sherwood OPEN Contact T2
2/21 HazMat Refresher 730-900 Corvallis OPEN Contact T2
2/21 Public Agency Work Zone Traffic Control (flagging) 900-1300 Corvallis OPEN Contact T2
2/22 Safe Forklift Operation (recert) 730-1130 Corvallis OPEN Contact T2
2/23 Safe Forklift Operation (recert) 900-1300 Eugene OPEN Contact T2
2/23 Safe Forklift Operation (recert) 1500-1900 Eugene OPEN Contact T2

Roads Scholar Update

Framed certificates have been mailed out for our most recent Level 2 Roads Scholar graduates, and we are working on getting Level 1 certificates ready to mail. They should go out by mid-January to agency contacts for presentation to the graduates.

Transcripts for all active Roads Scholars were emailed to each agency in early December. If you haven’t yet seen yours, please check with your employer.

To help our Roads Scholars keep track of their completed training, we have produced wallet-sized, folded tracking cards that can be used to log training as it is completed. Agency representatives who would like a supply for their employees should contact us. We will be happy to send you enough for all your Roads Scholars.

New Additions

Check out the latest additions to our video lending library. To borrow any of these DVDs for up to two weeks, just complete our checkout form, and we’ll get them right in the mail to you.

  • Asbestos Safety. Addresses the major areas needed to comply with OSHA regulations, including: hazards of asbestos, OSHA’s Asbestos Standard, composition and nature of asbestos, types of materials that may contain asbestos and where they are encountered, how to protect yourself when disturbing a material that may contain asbestos, and air monitoring and decontamination. (14 minutes)
  • Confined Spaces in Construction. Covers the major areas needed to comply with the standard, including: contents of the OSHA standard, definition of confined spaces, hazards of confined spaces, training for entrants, attendants and supervisors, acute and chronic effects, permit-required confined spaces, emergency rescue, and PPE. (20 minutes)
  • Excavation and Trenching. This video addresses the major areas needed to comply with the OSHA regulations, including: contents of the OSHA Standard 1926.650-652, hazards, competent person, safety precautions, access and egress, excavated materials (spoil), confined spaces, mobile equipment, surface crossing. (15 minutes)

Not quite what you’re looking for? Our video library has over 500 titles to choose from. You can view our entire catalog on our website.

Road Diet Resources from FHWA

A roadway reconfiguration known as a Road Diet offers several high-value improvements at a low cost when applied to traditional four-lane undivided highways. In addition to low cost, the primary benefits of a Road Diet include enhanced safety, mobility and access for all road users, and a “complete streets” environment to accommodate a variety of transportation modes.

Federal Highway Administration has a number of resources available to help us all better understand Road Diets:

  • Road Diets: A proven safety Countermeasure that improves safety, livability and access for ALL users (Video)

o   Long version:
https://vimeo.com/176519494/517684ac7b (Transcripts)

o   Short version:
https://vimeo.com/176522659/7c0d3d1174 (Transcripts)

For more on Road Diets, including case studies and policy guidance, visit http://safety.fhwa.dot.gov/road_diets/