Road Officials, Public Works Staff, Vendors and Agency representatives gathered in Linn County for the 2019 OACES Chip seal Workshop. This event, held every two years, provides an opportunity for those involved in chip seals and paving operations to gather and hear the latest in products and technology, and learn from their peers on what has worked well for them in their operations. More than 90 participants from 16 Counties were represented, along with ODOT, OACES, and industry representatives.

Some of the topics included Emulsion components, Oil Rock Production, Understanding specifications, and more. Kevin Hamilton, Host and Linn County Road Maintenance Supervisor, kicked off the Peer presentations with a perspective from his county on “Tools in the Tool box” for assisting in completing efficient Chip Seal work. Kevin Hock, Lake County Public Works Director, gave a presentation on Shot Rates for Oil and Rock as well as demonstrated the problems that can occur when applying oil to rock on a surface that is not well prepared and has holes and cracks in it.

Additional training opportunities on Gravel Road maintenance and Bridge Maintenance and Inspection will be coming in 2020. Check back to the OACES training page for details. Copies of the Chipseal presentations are available via this link.

Click here for photos from the OACES Chipseal Workshop