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The Association of Oregon Counties Integrated Road Information System (IRIS) is a comprehensive software suite. IRIS has been developed to assist Oregon County’s Public Works departments to manage their road system and operations. Read more about IRIS and the modules available below.

The IRIS Accounts Payable System (APS) provides the ability to track costs for items that are purchased. APS provides cost tracking for all four of the resource types included in the CAS module described above. Your purchased items can be posted to inventory or directly into CAS. APS also has the ability to create export files that can be sent to the accounts payable system at the courthouse.
The IRIS Accounts Receivable System (ARS) provides the ability to track and invoice for services provided by the Public Works\Road Department to other county departments or agencies. The information for ARS can be fed from the IRIS CAS system or it can be manually entered. ARS has the ability to create invoices and process payments.
The IRIS Cost Accounting System (CAS) is an activity\task based cost accounting system. CAS provides the ability to track costs for four resource types. The resource types are labor, equipment, material\inventory and outside services. CAS provides resource cost tracking by many different categories including roads, projects, management units, programs, zones, etc. CAS includes over 100 pre-built reports as well as a custom report writer.
The IRIS Equipment Management System (EMS) provides the ability to track maintenance performed on equipment. EMS also provides the ability to setup and schedule preventative maintenance on equipment. These maintenance schedules can be triggered by miles, hours or days.
The IRIS StreetWise Pavement Management System is a simplified system designed to be used by counties with limited resources. StreetWise provides the ability to perform two types of inspections. Visual distress inspection can be completed using 5 types of surface distress. From these distresses, StreetWise will calculate a surface rating for the road segment. StreetWise also provides a simple inspection option that allows the inspector to rate the road segment using a 1 through 5 measurement.
The IRIS Road Inventory System provide the ability to inventory over 50 road features. Some examples of features that can be inventoried are:

  • Roads and Road Names
  • Road Surface Types
  • Signs and sign conditions
  • Culverts and culvert condition
  • Functional Class
  • Bridges
  • Accidents
The IRIS Service Request System (SRS) allows for the monitoring of work requests. These work requests may be generated internally or by a citizen calling in to report something like a sign down or damaged guardrail. Once a work request is generated, the system will track this request through the process workflow until the request has been completed.
The IRIS Vegetation Management System (VMS) provides the ability to track processes that are designed to manage vegetation. VMS allows for the ability to track chemical(s) spraying. SRS can track where the chemical(s) are used and the people and equipment used to disburse these chemicals.
The IRIS system comes with access to over 100 standard reports. Additionally, using the Custom Report Wizard allows for more specific customization of data based on your needs. Click on the name of the IRIS module below to see examples of the standard reports available.


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