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About the County Road Program

The County Road Program (CRP) was established in 1990 as a cooperative program with the Oregon Association of County Engineers and Surveyors (OACES). Its purpose is to enhance county road capabilities through the development of management programs and shared technical assistance.

Organizational Chart

County Road Program Policy Employees

OpenCounty Road Program Manager
Office: 855-843-5176 x701
Michael Eliason
Michael EliasonTransportation Policy Manager
Office: 503-400-3221
Susan Morgan
Susan MorganTransportation Policy Manager
Office: 541-430-0004
Brian Worley
Brian WorleyCounty Road Program Policy Analyst
Office: 503-810-9902
Joann Hendrix
Joann HendrixSenior Administrative Manager
Office: 503-400-3233

Integrated Road Information System (IRIS) Employees

Casper Lehner
Casper LehnerInformation Technology Director
Office: 855-843-5176 x700
Raymond Dennison
Raymond DennisonSoftware Developer
Office: 855-843-5176 x705
Tom Emery
Tom EmerySoftware Developer
Office: 855-843-5176 x706
Greg Lang
Greg LangIT Trainer & Communications Specialist
Office: 855-843-5176 x703