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Governance Committee

Ballot Box, Multnomah County

The AOC Governance Steering Committee is actively involved in a wide array of state and federal legislation, rule making, and litigation that impact the governance of counties, such as elections, finance and accounting, home rule, insurance, personnel and employment, public contracting, public records and meetings, taxation, and other policy issues that promote and support the efficient and effective operation of county government.

Commissioner Andy Duyck, Washington County
Commissioner Doug Hunt, Lincoln County

AOC Staff:
Rob Bovett, legal counsel


List of 2017 Oregon Legislation Tracked for AOC Governance Committee
(PDF) (71 pages) (550kb)

Committee Principles
(PDF) (2 pages) (121kb)

Status of 2016 Bills Tracked by the Committee
(PDF) (13 pages) (158kb)

Marijuana Publications (link)

Links to fundamental reference documents related to the Oregon public finance and taxation system
* Final Report from the Task Force on Comprehensive Revenue Restructuring (2009)
* Revenues from timber in Oregon (2013)
* Oregon’s property tax system: Horizontal inequities under Measure 50 (2010)
* Oregon’s property tax (a primer) (2009)

Meeting Materials

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February 15Meeting Packet
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