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Legislative Committee

Oregon State Capitol Building with Cherry Blossom Branches in front

The Legislative Committee formulates policies and legislative positions for the association on matters of local, state and federal concern. The Legislative Committee is chaired by the AOC president and consists of all members of the board directors, plus one additional member from each of the eight districts, the chair(s) of each steering committee, one district attorney and one member from any county that is not otherwise represented. The committee meets monthly, and if necessary, twice a month when the Oregon Legislature is in session.

PresidentCraig Pope, Polk County

First Vice President: Martha Schrader, Clackamas County

Second Vice President: Jim Doherty, Morrow County

Treasurer: Alex Tardif, Columbia County

Immediate Past President: Claire Hall, Lincoln County

Legislative Committee Members

Meeting Materials

DateMeeting Packets
September 10Meeting Packet
AugustNo Meeting
JulyNo Meeting
June 11Meeting Packet
May 14Meeting Packet
May 14Meeting Packet
April 09Meeting Packet
March 12Meeting Packet
February 12Meeting Packet
January 08Meeting Packet
DateMeeting PacketsAdditional Materials
December 11Meeting Packet
NovemberNo meeting
October 9Meeting Packet
September 11Meeting PacketAdditional Materials
AugustNo meeting
JulyNo meeting
June 12Meeting PacketAdditional Materials
May 8Meeting PacketAdditional Materials
April 10Meeting Packet
March 13Meeting Packet
February 13Meeting Packet
January 09Meeting PacketAdditional Materials
DateMeeting PacketsAdditional MaterialsMinutes
December 12Meeting PacketAdditional Materials
November 14No Meeting
October 10Meeting PacketAdditional Materials
September 12Meeting PacketAdditional Materials
August 8Meeting PacketMinutes
July No Meeting
June No Meeting
May 9Meeting PacketAdditional MaterialsMinutes
April 11Meeting PacketMinutes
March 11Meeting PacketMinutes
February 15Meeting PacketMinutes
February 1Meeting PacketMinutes
January 11Meeting PacketMinutes
DateMeeting PacketsMinutes
December 14Meeting PacketMinutes
November 9No Meeting
October 12Meeting PacketMinutes
September 14Meeting PacketMinutes
August 10No Meeting
July 13No Meeting
June 8Meeting PacketMinutes
May 11Meeting PacketMinutes
April 13Meeting PacketMinutes
March 9Meeting PacketMinutes
February 9Meeting PacketMinutes
January 12Meeting PacketMinutes