Linked below is AOC’s draft summary of bills from this year’s “short” session of the Oregon Legislature. While the session was characterized by substantial policy bills, leading to a certain amount of partisan acrimony, it ended amicably and eight days earlier than the constitutionally mandated deadline of March 11th.

There were both wins and a few disappointments for counties in 2018; however, the groundwork that was developed during the session should pay off during next year’s much longer session. AOC’s policy committees have already begun to discuss priority focus areas for next session, and we expect that work will lead to a proactive, member-supported agenda that will achieve impressive results going forward.

Please note that most of the bills listed in the attached summary do not yet have chapter numbers and effective dates. As those become official at a later date, we will post a final version.

View the full 2018 Legislative Summary here.

Contributed by: Mike Eliason | AOC Legislative Director